Our Goals

USC Student Life established the following four strategic goals to guide its work between 2017-20. Student Life remains committed to this work.

1. Enhance the culture of equity and inclusion.

Individuals who are respected, valued, and treated equitably are the cornerstones to a diverse and inclusive community. We are guided by the principle that all students, staff, and faculty, with our various identities and backgrounds, are full members of the Trojan Family. Through upholding our Principles of Community and recognizing our past, we seek to be a leader in improving and enhancing university climate.

2. Cultivate a culture where individuals and communities thrive.

Learning, connection, and optimal well-being are essential for a thriving community. While thriving can be about student success and mental health, it also includes being engaged in the community and finding a sense of belonging and purpose. In thriving communities, members care for others and share resources, making it important to create a commitment to communal responsibility.

3. Disrupt the culture of at-risk substance use.

While other drugs are a risk, alcohol is the most prevalent and dangerous substance of concern on college campuses. The overconsumption of alcohol diminishes learning ability and increases the risk of personal harm, death and the perpetration of sexual violence. As a community of scholars and learners, we will reinforce delayed alcohol use and low risk consumption as these negatively impact reason and well-being.

4. Foster a culture of consent and healthy relationships.

Strong and positive relationships cannot exist where there is sexual violence. Healthy relationships exist when individuals respect themselves and others, trust others and foster honest and open communication. By creating a culture of consent built on empathy, intervention and bystander behavior, we advance and strengthen the Trojan Family.