What is the NACCC?

Group of people smiling and National Assessment of Collegiate Campus Climates text over the photo

As part of our Culture Journey, USC is partnering with the National Assessment of Collegiate Campus Climates (NACCC) to assess students’ views on the university’s commitment to racial equity and diversity. We want to know where and what students learn about race during their Trojan journey, to what extent students interact meaningfully with others who hold differing and diverse identities, and how prepared students feel to engage in a racially diverse democracy. At USC, we strive to better ourselves as a learning community and institution through assessment, reflection, and collaboration. We are committed to fostering a community that values different experiences, cultures, and identities and recognizes that DEI is a shared responsibility across our campuses.

We need your help to inform our continued work towards this goal so that our campus leaders can effectively address systemic racism. Please visit the NACCC FAQs page if you have more questions about the details of this survey.

Your valuable and honest input gathered through the NACCC will allow us to identify and address issues of racism on our campus, hold ourselves accountable to our Unifying Values, and follow through on the promise of embracing a culture of respect to become a truly diverse, equal, and inclusive university.