Travel Tips for Students

November 20, 2017

Dear students,

In the coming weeks you will likely be traveling home for Thanksgiving, visiting friends in other cities or states, or going home for the winter holidays. We hope that this is a time to rest, relax, and recharge. A few tips for a healthy break:

  • Stay safe! A few travel tips to help you along the way:
    1. Traveling abroad. Visit the Travel Clinic at the Engemann or Eric Cohen Student Health Centers for a personalized health assessment, immunizations, and travel health information.  Pay attention to the U.S. State Department Travel Advisory website if you are traveling to a country outside the United States. The State Department offers helpful travel tips and safety information for countries where travelers might be in danger.
    2. Alcohol and driving. Drinking impairs judgement and compromises motor skills. Avoid drinking and driving at all costs.
    3. Full night’s rest. Get a full night’s rest before you begin a multi-hour drive. It is easy to get drowsy on a long drive.
    4. Texting and driving. Resist the urge to text and drive. Texting and driving claims hundreds of lives every year.
  • Recharge your battery! Prepare for the last few weeks of the semester by exercising, sleeping on a regular schedule, and eating well. Avoid heavy alcohol use which can upset your sleep schedule.
  • Recognize mixed feelings are normal. Returning home after several weeks away can be both exciting and challenging. Be patient with yourself if you feel that your relationships with family members, significant others, and friends have changed. A lot has happened to you in your first weeks at USC and readjusting takes time.

Be safe and be well,

Ainsley Carry, Ed.D., MBA

Vice President for Student Affairs

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