Spring Break Safety/Relax

March 8, 2018

Dear Students:

Spring Break 2018 is upon us – a time many of you escape to travel to a more relaxed atmosphere – a welcoming change from busy weeks of late night studying, working on class projects and involvement in everyday activities.

Whether you spend your spring break to catch up with family at home, engage with a new community on a service learning trip, or take selfies with friends under the sun, we want you to return refreshed and ready to flourish during the remainder of the spring semester.


While spring break is a great time to unwind, it is important to remember to keep safety a top priority. It’s possible to have fun and create life-long memories while also being smart about your well-being.

As Trojans, we value your enactment to be responsible and prevent any possibilities of endangering yourself and others.

Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind:

  1. Stay in a group and if you plan to consume alcohol, never leave your drink unattended
  2. Always have your cell phone with you (and charged)
  3. Be smart about your cash
  4. Social-networking sites have made it impossible to escape things (think before you post)


Relaxation is the major key to recovering from a busy semester. And, over the next week, it is important to reward yourself by unwinding and having some fun.

Here’s a short list of simple ideas to unwind and stay well:

  • Get coffee or tea with your siblings or old friends
  • Organize your closet and donate unwanted items to local charities
  • Exercise and take a long stroll
  • Try a new healthy recipe with a friend
  • Write to your family and friends from home
  • And finally…treat yourself with more sleep!

We have succeeded in making it this far into the semester and we look forward to seeing you return to campus to finish the year strong! As many of you will be graduating in May, we encourage you to be ready to conquer finals!


Lastly, Daylight Savings Time is this weekend. Please remember to advance your clocks an hour on Saturday evening before going to bed.