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By Maddy Keavy Wednesday, July 3, 2013

California—where the sunshine is plentiful, Hollywood is in everyone’s backyard and business mecca Silicon Valley defines what is the future. I was born and raised in the Golden State and although Southern and Northern California lead the world  in city populations, innovations, and foodie-escapes, my hometown of Visalia is located right in between them. Central California is known for being one of the largest agricultural areas in the world. I am no stranger to fields of corn, tractor crossings, and the sweet smell of dairies in the evening.

Growing up in the Central Valley put me in the center of all that outsiders love about this state: the beach, the mountains, the cities and the valleys. Now I’ll eat and explore my way through some of my favorite places and some that we’ll discover together!

Don’t be fooled—I may have been raised in a small town, but my aspirations are anything but! I’m studying broadcast and digital journalism with the hopes of becoming a foreign correspondent—the  reporter on the front lines who stands in the midst of riots and wars to best share the truth of the story. I share a piece of myself every time my articles are read,.Whether it be in the Daily Trojan or in digital form, for a brief moment, someone like you connected to me through my words.

When I’m not taking the state by storm, I’ll be interning at TheWrap ( in Los Angeles. For those news junkies—like me—I’ll share the experience of being in a living, breathing newsroom that covers the industry and business of Hollywood. It wouldn’t be Los Angeles if there weren’t the promise of a few red-carpet moments. Mark my words: by the end of the summer a “selfie” photo with Jennifer Lawrence will grace the pages of this blog.

No road-trip would be complete without food—at least not the way I travel! This summer I’ll be eating my way through Los Angeles and beyond trying the Bestrestaurants, food trucks, and roadside stops California has to offer. We’ll start with local favorites here in Los Angeles and move throughout the state—but t don’t worry, I know it’s summer and we’re all watching our figures. However, a sweet splurge here and there never hurt anyone!

With that, we’re off! I’m excited to spend the summer with you, the readers. We’ll cover lots of ground together. Maybe you’ve got some suggestions for where our journey takes me. Join this conversation; if you have a place you love or want to try, let me know via Twitter (! Consider this your open invitation; the passenger seat is yours. I want to know what you’re listening to, eating, and doing with your summer! If it’s something worthwhile, you might just see it featured here. So put your seat belt on, crank up the stereo, and let’s go.

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