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A Fitting Goodbye to an Amazing Internship


By Isabella Sayyah Friday, August 16, 2013

Today is my last real, full day of summer. Tomorrow I begin working on the Orientation issue of the Daily Trojan. Monday, the DT e-board goes on a two-day retreat. Once I get back it’s Move-In day and then, just several days later, classes begin!

I’m glad everything’s happening so fast, because otherwise I’d be bored without my internship to keep me busy. Friday was my last day, but it wasn’t just any day on the job.

Invisible Children was hosting the Fourth Estate Summit, an event where thousands of high school and college students descend on UCLA for the weekend to learn more about nonprofit work and how to change the world.

On Friday the event featured the “Common Goods Exchange,” a fair-like thing where nonprofits and companies that advocate social action set up tents to tell students about what they do and how students can get involved. RYOT was one of those companies, and instead of just having one or two people go, half of the newsroom decided to hang out and work.

While WiFi at first proved to be the elusive goddess it often is on college campuses, after a bit we soon had everyone up and running. We typed away as other booths set up and everyone eagerly awaited the summit participants.

Around 4 p.m., after all the talks were over (the summit hosted some pretty cool speakers, including a RYOT co-founder and UN Ambassador Samantha Power), the students came to the fair to learn and have some fun. While the RYOT booth was pretty straightforward, other groups had put together some cool features, including arcade games and a ball pit.

Even without carnival activities at our tent, the hour and a half I spent there was a whirlwind of pitching RYOT, fielding questions, and giving out pins and stickers. By the end my throat was so dry I could barely speak as I said sad goodbyes to everyone.

It was a great last day to end an amazing internship.

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